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Living the Core and Advancing Justice

Professor Frank Guridy Named New Executive Director of the Holder Initiative

“Columbia students are well positioned to address the challenges faced by the city in which they live and study,” Professor Frank Guridy says.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder, FiveThirtyEight founder Nate Silver talk 2020 election

“I look at this 2020 election and I just scratch my head. It’s still too early, but it’s hard. It’s just an abnormal time that we’re living in. The politics of Trump is something that I think many of us haven’t seen before.” - Karine Jean-Pierre SIPA’03, Senior Advisor and National Spokesperson for
Photo of Eric Holder speaking at an event

“I think of the duties, the rights, and the weighty responsibilities of American citizenship – responsibilities that are, as of this moment, entrusted to each of you.”

Eric H.
Holder Jr.
CC'73, LAW'76